Harrold & Carlton FC is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who all share the same priority – To see children of all ages and abilities enjoy football in a safe environment, whilst progressing their footballing ability along the way and ensuring that the game is played in the right manner. Longer term priorities are to develop the club in a way that ensures that it is regarded as a pillar of the local community.

The following officers make up the club committee :-

Chairman – Nick Shipton
Treasurer – James Wingerath
Club Secretary – Pip Judge
Child Welfare Officer – Anthony Bennett
Charter Standards Secretary – Ian Bradshaw
Playing Filed Secretary – Clare Watkins
Club Communications – Position Available

FA Affiliation Number: TBC


U6: Volumteers required
U7: Volumteers required
U9: Vulcans – Clare Watkins, Isaac Clarke
U10: Raptors – James Sceats, Robert Umpleby
U10: Falcons – Ian Bradshaw, Edward Poll
U11: Wolves – Craig Smith,  Claire Innes (Admin)
U12: Knights – Jackie Long, Stephanie Leach (Admin)
U13: Bentleys – Mel Lee, David Maskey
U14: Foxes – Anthony Bennett, Mark Fox
U16: Eagles – James Wingerath, Damien Clark
U18: Lions – John Dawson
Please use the contact form to communicate with any committee members or coaches.