Annual Meeting Agenda Minutes

Venue: Harrold Sports Pavilion Date: 16/7/2014
Time: 8:30

Attendees: Nigel Cave, Paul Hollingdale, Ian Murdoch, Graham Russell, Ian Scott, Nick Stewart, Mark Walshe, Andy Welch, James Wingerath, Darren Wilson-Brown, (guest appearance Maurice Lynch)

Apologies: Erik Henau, Jon West, Mark Haylett


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  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. TreasurersReport
  4. ElectionsofOfficers
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Previous Minutes

 The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record Chairman’s Report

 The positives:
o It was another great season with registered players up from the

previous year.
o We had great turn out at the pit run and another great day out at MK


Doc: Agm20140716 minutes Page 1 of 4 Date: 16th July 2014

o End of season awards day was an excellent day for all – Huge thanks to Mark and Clare Haylett for organising the event.

o Relations with Harrold Playing fields committee have improved over the last season.

o Turvey Recreation ground is now home to three teams and is slowly becoming our second home.

o The MKDDL is now more settled following their AGM where the whole committee stepped down and new a new committee was elected. There’s a new structure to their committee with more members, we are looking forward to working with them and the exciting times ahead as they look to take the league forward.

o We have our first U16’s team (well done Ian Scott for getting the team this far)

  •   On the downside we have lost last years u11’s Lions and u14’s Panthers, many thanks to Dave Burrows (u11) and Mike Bowman (u14) who managed these teams.
  •   At the end of last season the senior team announced their intentions to fold, however this decision may well be reversed and if so it’s most likely be set up as a separate entity from the club.
  •   Respect campaign next year is will be key so expect a lot more focus from both MKDDL and BYSL.
  •   We have around half a dozen children already keen to play as part of the colts (u6’s) for next season, however we do need a coach for the team so if anyone knows of a parent who would like to take on the role (with support from all of the club) please let the committee know.
  •   All those connected with the club would like to thank Graham Russell for all his time, effort and dedication he’s put into his roles on the club committee and more importantly as the role of chairman for the last few years. He leaves the committee leaving the club in a very strong position – thank you Graham.

    Treasurers Report

  •   Accounts were agreed, (AW) to arrange approval.
  •   James will be taking on the role of purchasing kit and equipment for the

    club. Again the club would like to thank Helen Scott for all her time and

    effort she has put in doing this role for club.

  •   Another big thank you to Lilly’s Café, this has been a huge success at

    Turvey and contributed great funds towards the club, big thanks to Peter

    Kelly for organising it.

  •   There’s now a defibrillator at the pavilion which the club helped fund.

Doc: Agm20140716 minutes Page 2 of 4 Date: 16th July 2014

 On the downside the MK Dons trip was costly for the club due to contributions.

Report update

Election of Officers

  •   The Current office bearers stood down from their roles
  •   The following volunteered for the committee roles

o Chairman – Mark Haylett (nominated Nick S, seconded Darren WB)

o Treasurer – James Wingerath (nominated Graham, seconded Mark Walshe)

o Secretary – Andy Welch (nominated Graham, seconded James W) o Child Welfare Officer – Ian Murdoch (nominated James W,

Seconded Nigel C)
o Club Development Officer – Mark Walshe (nominated James W,

Seconded Paul H)

  •   There were no challenges to any role and all of the above were voted onto the committee


  •   Season starts on Saturday September 13th.
  •   The club will hold its annual BBQ on September 6th more to follow.
  •   A point was raised at the possibility of increasing club registration fees

    next year to include the annual club trip to the MK Dons, this will be

    discussed at the next General meeting.

  •   Ian Murdoch brought to attention the need to keep CRB’s up to date

    Graham R, Mark W and Nick S need theirs renewed before the start of the season. Ian will send a note to all coaches to remind them to ensure any coaching assistants have also been CRB’ed (IM)

  •   Ian shared the FA’s view concerning player’s names on the back of the shirts, as a club it’s something we do not do, if you do have players names on the back of your shirts please speak to Ian.
  •   As a club we need to look to encourage more girls to play football.
  •   The Dug out this year will be run by the club with all proceeds going to the

    club; this will require the teams playing on Harrold fields to encourage their player’s parents to volunteer with helping to run the dug out on

Doc: Agm20140716 minutes Page 3 of 4 Date: 16th July 2014

match/training days and also the cleaning of the club house. Mark H will

set out a rota. (MH)

  •   James W will review whether we need to open up all of the club house

    when running the dug out to help keep the extent of cleaning down to a

    minimum. (JW)

  •   This year the club will look at bulk buying equipment and possibly kit,

    James W will drop a note to all coaches asking for their kit and equipment

    requirements for next season. (JW)

  •   Graham R will contact Dave B and Mike B about any kit and equipment

    they may still have to pass back into the club (GR)

  •   The u16’s need to find a pitch for next year due to the poor state of the

    seniors pitch at Emmaus, please contact Ian Scott if you have any suggestions. Ian will also look into the costs at playing on the Sharnbrook pitches and feed back to James W (IS)

  •   The club have registered their interest for some refereeing and assistants courses the league is looking at setting up next season.

    Meeting closed